Plan Today for Trouble on a Road Trip

Chances are pretty good that if you plan today for trouble on the road if anything happens, you should be in a great position to ride it out. Here are some key things to plan for if you are heading out on that long road trip.

Be sure to pack in the car:

Bring an emergency bag that is packed with a hammer, wire cutters, pliers, wrenches, screwdrivers, and a small socket set.

Pack a gallon of engine coolant in the trunk, it can be used in the event the car does overheat from the long drive.

Change the wipers, fill the washer fluid.

Check the spare tire, bring along a few cans of tire inflator.

Pack a roll of duct tape to use to make minor repairs to the car.

Stop by our service center at Stapp Interstate Toyota in Frederick, CO, and we can provide you with a pre-road-trip check-up on your vehicle as well.

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