New Team at Toyota will bring you the Most Innovative Technology

Seeing how quickly technology is advancing, Toyota has opened up many opportunities for Connected Vehicle, Information Technology, and Research and Development members. By bringing new and interesting technologies, a car manufacturer will stand out; not only will that sell more of their vehicles, but it will allow them to provide better services for their drivers.

The Connected Vehicle team will work to develop technology that will improve driver-centric, and car-centric experiences. Driver-centric improvements could include internet-connected radio, cloud content, and apps, all of which will work to personalize the experience of every driver. Toyota is making sure every vehicle can be tailored to the unique needs of individual drivers.

The second area of focus is car-centric, which includes improvements for the vehicle's systems. Being able to diagnose problems from a remote location, update software over-the-air, and providing cyber security to make sure your programs are working how they should, which also makes sure you are having a positive experience with your vehicle. By focusing on driver and the vehicle well-being, Toyota is ensuring that they give you the most effective way of expressing your input, and that they can quickly respond to any issue that you might have.

These teams were just formed, so it may be a bit before we see their progress, but when it comes, it will certainly be appreciated. To see what Toyota currently offers, come over to Stapp Interstate Toyota in Frederick, CO. Our team will help you with all of the newest Toyota models so that you can find the one that meets all the needs of your life. We want you to experience the least amount of stress when choosing a vehicle.

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