Where Should You Buy a Pre-Owned Vehicle From?

While there are many places that list pre-owned vehicles, a dealership is still the most reliable for you when choosing a pre-owned vehicle. A dealership will inspect their vehicles before listing them, a private seller is under no obligation to do so, leaving you with a vehicle that might have something wrong with it. If you don’t believe us, come over to Stapp Interstate Toyota in Frederick, CO. You can look through and test drive any of our pre-owned vehicles to see that they will be reliable vehicles for years to come.

Our service experts make sure that the vehicle will surpass your expectations. It isn't about just getting you into any vehicle, we want to make sure that you can get into one that will meet all of the needs of your life. By providing you with high-quality pre-owned vehicles, we are making sure that you have access to as many vehicles as possible, at the most reasonable price.

We even offer Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) vehicles that offer additional benefits. With strict year, mileage, history, and inspection standards, all of our CPO vehicles maintain the highest quality standards among vehicles. Some of the benefits that come with our CPO inventory include a one year or 12,000-mile Comprehensive Warranty, one year of Roadside Assistance, standard new vehicle Financing rates, 160-point Quality Assurance Inspection, and more. These vehicles provide the same expectations that you have for a new vehicle, but at a lower price.

By choosing a Stapp Interstate Toyota vehicle, you are choosing a vehicle that has been thoroughly cared for. We don’t want you to have an issue with your vehicle, which is why do everything we can to ensure you are getting the best that you can. Our teams find the right vehicle that meets your needs, so come see us soon to get started.


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