The 2018 Toyota Highlander Gives Families in the Boulder, CO Area Plenty of Reasons to Fall in Love with It

When it comes to family driving, a lot of us immediately picture the good ole minivan; we're not here to knock minivans, but we do think the family chariot could be a bit more fun, a bit more like the 2018 Toyota Highlander, perhaps?

With standard seating for seven, a stylish and dynamic exterior, and even an available hybrid powertrain, the 2018 Toyota Highlander offers a very tempting alternative to the family minivan.


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The 2018 Toyota Camry Hybrid: Half Style, Half Efficiency, All Awesome

There's no denying that our favorite Japanese automaker knows how to make an excellent hybrid vehicle or two, and the 2018 Toyota Camry Hybrid is absolutely no exception to the trend! Beyond its aggressive and modern styling, just like its gasoline-powered sibling's looks, it also provides you with a hybrid engine capable of hitting and EPA-estimated 53 miles per gallon on the highway when properly equipped! Those holiday travels will go much faster when you don't have to stop at the pump nearly as often. See more about it below:


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Reap the Benefits of Driving a Certified Pre-Owned Model

Scoring a high quality vehicle and saving big at the same time is rather ideal, don’t you agree? That's why we here at Stapp Interstate Toyota always recommend looking into our certified pre-owned vehicle inventory before jumping to purchase or lease a brand new vehicle.


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Investing in a certified pre-owned vehicle allows you to reap the benefits of driving an almost brand new car but for

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The 2018 Toyota C-HR

Not everyone is looking for a big SUV or a small sedan and there are a lot of options in the middle. But if you are looking for a vehicle small is size with a lot to offer and a driving experience that thrills the 2018 Toyota C-HR if for you.



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Where Should You Buy a Pre-Owned Vehicle From?

While there are many places that list pre-owned vehicles, a dealership is still the most reliable for you when choosing a pre-owned vehicle. A dealership will inspect their vehicles before listing them, a private seller is under no obligation to do so, leaving you with a vehicle that might have something wrong with it. If you don’t believe us, come over to Stapp Interstate Toyota in Frederick, CO. You can look through and test drive any of our pre-owned vehicles to see that they will be reliable vehicles for years to come.

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New Team at Toyota will bring you the Most Innovative Technology

Seeing how quickly technology is advancing, Toyota has opened up many opportunities for Connected Vehicle, Information Technology, and Research and Development members. By bringing new and interesting technologies, a car manufacturer will stand out; not only will that sell more of their vehicles, but it will allow them to provide better services for their drivers.

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Leasing? Loaning? Which is Better For You?

You have done the research, gone for a test drive and now it is time to apply for financing to complete the car buying process and be on your way in your new Toyota Camry, 4Runner, Or Tacoma. But you aren't sure whether you want to lease or buy and which option is better for your unique financial situation. To help you make a well-informed decision we have laid out the benefits to leasing as well as the benefits to buying your car.


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The Toyota RAV4 Sees a Perfect Rally Season

As the 2017 American Rally Association season comes to a close, the Toyota RAV4 stands out as the clear champion. Being undefeated in the 2WD category, and coming in fourth for the overall ARA championship, beating many 4WD vehicles that are much faster, the RAV4 has boasted amazing performance through all of the races. Toyota has provided drivers with a vehicle that is more than capable of anything that it needs to conquer.


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