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Welcome to Our Financing Department

Stapp Interstate Toyota is your auto loan and car lease resource. We're eager to provide financing for your new car, or we can assist in used car financing. Check out our online car loan calculator estimated payment. Then, feel free to fill out to our secure online finance application.

Our sales team is trained and ready to help you every step of the way through the financing or leasing process. You are never handed off to a finance department to complete the buying process, your sales person will help you complete the paper work as well as review additional products and services to help protect your investment.

Coverage Options: Which Products & Services are Right for You?

Financial services are for more than just making sure you can afford a vehicle, they will make sure that you can protect your investment. Our team will help you figure out which plan best suits your needs, protecting your vehicle so that you can be confident and comfortable in it during the duration of ownership. At Stapp Interstate Toyota, we are ready to take all the time that we will need to explain all of the benefits of each program. The Toyota Financial Services will give you a peace of mind, covering all the components that you need to worry about. Your options will include:

Toyota Auto Care (TAC)

This is the prepaid plan that will cover maintenance including; oil changes, multipoint inspections, roadside assistance, computerized service history, providing you the ability to keep your vehicle running at its best. This plan would be good for any vehicle that you are buying or leasing. Approximately 30 days prior to your scheduled service, we will send you a service reminder based on your individual driving characteristics.

Toyota Care Plus

Toyota Care Plus will extend the limit of TAC beyond the two years/25,000-mile plan up to a five year or 75,000-mile plan. This covers you for all require maintenance including; multi-point inspections, oil and filter changes, and tire rotations, even making sure that you have 24/7 roadside assistance for lockout protection, flat tire changes, jump starts, fluid delivery, and towing.

Toyota Vehicle Service Agreement (VSA)

These Toyota factory plans will cover the cost of a mechanical breakdown beyond the basic warranty period. There are a multiple plans offered, each depending on how many miles you plan on driving and how long you plan on owning your vehicle. This plan is transferable, which could increase the value of your Toyota because of the benefits the plan offers. You will be reimbursed for towing, substitute vehicles, meals, and lodging, paying claims directly to the dealer.

Plan options include:

  • Extra Care Platinum Plan
  • Extra Care Gold Plan
  • Extra Care Powertrain Plan

Guaranteed Auto Protection (GAP)

This program will help with the difference between your payoff balance and what you will be offered from your insurance company if your vehicle ends up being totaled or stolen. This difference is called the deficiency balance, which the GAP coverage will pay in full, in addition GAP will cover up to $1,000 of an insurance deductible. This coverage offers the most peace of mind, making sure that you aren't left with a financial burden after something awful has happened. To help even further, the GAP protection can be financed with your new vehicle in most situations.

Tire and Wheel Protection

To ease your mind when it comes to road hazards, this plan covers your tires and wheels in the event of damage, paint-less dent repair, and windshield repair.

  • Tire and Wheel - Repair/Replace wheel due to damage, replacement of tire due to road hazard.
  • Paintless Dent Repair - $1000 per occurrence including hail damage.
  • Windshield Repair - Repairs small cracks and stars - Does NOT replace windshield.
  • Key Replacement - Covers cost of key, key fob and any associated reprogramming.

Excess Wear and Use Protection

At the end of your New Toyota vehicle lease you might have fees to cover from incidental damage that occurred during your lease terms. If you choose the Excess Wear and Use Protection, you won't have to worry about any scratches, dents, dings, or excessive tire ware that may have occurred. There are no claims to submit or deductibles to pay, making the process as easy as possible.

Interior and Exterior Sealant and Clear Front Mask

Want to keep your vehicle looking it's best? We offer Smartshield® , an superior interior and exterior protectant featuring ArmorAll® products to help maintain that new car look.

We also offer Clear Front Mask. With up to 18" of protection available for your hood, door cups and backside of sideview mirrors (on selected vehicles) you can be confident that your vehicle's paint will be protected.

Our Team is Here to Help

Our team will make sure that you are taken care of when it comes to your vehicle. They are ready to go through each plan with you, letting you know which plans cover which components, and making sure that you can choose the right one. We want to make sure that you have a peace of mind whenever you are in your vehicle, letting you drive comfortably and confidently for every mile ahead. Toyota vehicles are among the safest that you will find, and Toyota Financial Services will make sure you never have to worry about affording maintenance or service. Many of these plans and products are available after purchase, even if you didn't purchase, even if you didn't purchase your vehicles from us.

We encourage you to visit our dealership and talk to our team, it is the best way to make sure you have chosen the best option for your lifestyle and needs.