Stapp Inspires Highlights 2017-2018

Please select each picture to learn more about our 2017-2018 Stapp Inspired Educator Recipients

Chris Chou

Longmont High School

Medical & BioScience Coordinator

June 2017


Axel Reitzig

The Innovation Center

Robotics & Computer Science Coordinator

July 2017


Doug Johnson

Longmont High School

Math Teacher/ HeadFootball Coach

August 2017


Cyrus Weinberge

Soaring Heights PK-8


September 2017

Josh Kirkwood

Mead High School

Band Director

October 2017


Paula Pierces

Mead & Skyline Feeder System

School Board Member

November 2017 

Diane Lauer

Assistant Superintendent Priority Programs and Academic Support 

December 2017

Alex Armstrong

Sunset Middle School

International Baccalaureate Coordinator

January 2018


 Thom Ingram

The Innovation Center

Instructional Technologist

February 2018

Dan Cribby

Westview Middle School

Science Teacher

March 2018
Sara Fadenrecht

Skyline High School

Art Educator

April 2018

Parker Nicholas

Silver Creek

Outstanding Graduate

May 2018